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Quince/sweet 16

We offer to sets of packages, first sets of packages are just photo sessions. The second sets of packages are the full package that includes the photo session and party event. 


The joy every new parent enjoys creating the very first memories of your newborn child. From the first photos with mom/dad and siblings.


What better way to start your life with the love of your life. Then photographing one of the most important memories of your life.

specializes in lifestyle photography for the past several years. We love to create memorable moments for our clients. Our photography is about telling a story of people and places, whether through a single portrait, life changing event for documenting a day in someone’s life. Capturing a moment in time that will forever be cherished and remembered. Contact us today about that special moment you would like us to capture for all to remember.

Why should you choose us when there's so many photographers out there to choose? Because we do things differently around here. We do everything to the way you want it, we give you more bang for your buck and believe its more fair this way. We also work very hard, long hours to make your event the most memorable for you. We'll have you keep coming back for more events because this is how we work. We will also work with you every step of the way from the moment you book with us, leading to your event, and after your event when you pick up your products.


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Lifestyle/portrait shoots take place either in your own home or somewhere you enjoy spending time, down at the beach, out in the forest or around the streets of Miami. The idea is to shoot somewhere you feel comfortable, so you can relax and have fun, which leads to great pictures. To find out more or to book a session please get in touch. We are also available to shoot single portraits, model portfolios and other events such as birthday parties and family reunions. We’d be happy to discuss your requirements so just send us an email with any questions. We’d love to hear from you!

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Call us to schedule an appointment to book your shoot we help to customize a package, help with making schedule payments.